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Elevated Sport Consultancy

From high school and collegiate coaches to professional sports teams
Expert Coaches Coaching Coaches

Winning When It Counts!

We advise with sport specific training design and implementation

Consulting On:

Sport Technology Innovation

Core Cooling, Altitude Protocols, CNS Innervation, Shoe Technology Innovation

Pro Teams

On Preparation for Competitions At Altitude

Pro Teams

On The Effective Use Of Altitude To Benefit Performance

Who We Are


Elevated Sport Consultancy is spearheaded by coach Scott Simmons, a six-time collegiate national Coach of the Year with five back-to-back NAIA national cross country titles.  Simmons has coached over 45 national champions, both collegiate and nationally, as well as one American record-breaker and 37 USA national team members.


Simmons has pioneered multiple cutting-edge training approaches, including a documented altitude-stimuli training protocol maximizing the body's natural adaptation to the stimuli resulting in increased endurance, health and performance.


In addition to Simmons, Elevated Sport will also provide consultation from other top level coaches and mentors, giving the high school and college coach direct advice and guidance in designing programs that will result in development and progression, and, ultimately, success in the competitons that matter the most.

What We Do


Elevated Sport Consultancy provides expert and confidential coaching advice and guidance, training protocols and technical innovation to coaches and others who want to make a difference in the sport.


Drawing upon decades of succesful coaching, training philosophies and implementation, as well as groundbreaking Sport Science research, Elevated Sport Consultancy will not only mentor you for progressive training design from preseason completely through the championship season, but will also aid in your own personal coaching development.


Working with a highly expereinced and internationally successful coach will help you be better and that means better performances from your athletes and teams.

How We Work


Elevated Sport Consultancy high school and college consulting begins with a two week planning phase, working hand-in-hand with you to design a sensible effective season-long training plan for your team or athlete.  


A three-day intensive face-to-face option is also available in this planning phase.


The consultancy continues throughout the season with communication and feedback through email, phone calls, texting and video, insuring that your athletes are ready when it matters the most.


This long-term consultancy approach has already produced exceptional results and far outweighs the benefits of short-term coaching clinics.



Coach Consulting


Elevated Sport Consultancy has pulled together some of the most respected and successful coaches in the sport of distance running to help teach and guide you and your teams to maximum performance.


Elevated Sport confidenatially pairs you with an internationally successful coach to help you develop a season long plan.  Elevated Sport's consulting staff currently includes:









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